Green Stars around the World are ready to help you make a difference in combatting pollution and changing the environment for the better. First, we work using the power of Green Stars’ expertise to identify areas most negatively impacted by plastic resource accumulation. We are looking for individuals and groups in communities that have the most discarded plastic resources in India and Nepal. It is in these areas we are looking to recruit and cultivate leaders to share the leaderboard in our Green Stars events.

Working with you, Green Stars will support you in setting up events in your community in India and Nepal. Our successful model shows that it’s best to schedule events on normal non-working days, approximately every week. This allows for better commitment and participation. Events can be centered around resource gathering, and can also include tree planting.

Billed as The Green Stars Experience Day, each event is planned out well in advance. We suggest, planning at least six weeks ahead of where resource collection efforts will be. Reach out to community leaders and businesses that may be able to help with participation prizes or even as a resource collection destination.  You will want to highlight for them the benefits of the project, explaining how resource collection, clean-up efforts, and even tree planting will benefit them and the community and what you are looking for in turn. Seek their support for the event and ask that they provide prizes for your community members who take part in helping to improve the overall community. These contributions can be based on most anything such as certificates good towards food, accommodation, travel, entertainment, and much, much more.

When planning an event, we have an agenda that has shown to work well. Following is an example of how a typical Green Star Day would play out:

7 – 10 AM – Time to Serve Our Mother

Your team arrives then is instructed to fan out in the area and collect clean and dry plastic resources, cigarette filters and anything else that is made from plastic that is also clean and dry. Once collected, team members bring the items back to the main checkpoint where items should be separated into three categories: shiny plastic aluminum or aluminum laminates (PALs), clear plastics, or cigarette filters. Each of these three categories then gets put into containers for disposal. PALs and clear plastics get bagged or put into containers while cigarette filters are placed into containers or bottles. Once contained, each is then weighed and will receive a QR code that is then uploaded through the Green Stars EcoChampion app.

During all portions of the event, community members should be reminded to take photos and post them to social media. All images should be tagged using the following: #GreenStarsIndia and @ GreenstarsIndia, #GreenStarsEcoChampion and @GreenStarsEcoChampion and/or #GreenStarsNepal and @ GreenstarsNepal. For participants working towards prizes, awards and the Green Stars EcoChampion Challenge, posting to social media is mandatory.

9 AM – Breakfast

Your group takes time for breakfast, held at a restaurant found in the community being worked in for Green Stars Experience Day. Note that while planning your event, many companies (even restaurants) have their own goals towards social responsibility. Finding one that is in tune with helping the environment can possibly benefit your team with the addition of new members.

As part of the breakfast session, there is a presentation and open chat on Trash2Cash.

Once everything has been weighed and the challenges have been completed, prizes will be awarded to community members as follows:

  • Greatest volume collected
    • Largest total weight collected
    • Most diversification of resources collection (this is subjective and judged by the community manager then central judges provide verification)
    • Green Stars Stand Out Resource Collector (this is subjective and judged by the community manager then central judges provide verification)

Afternoon – Community Member’s Choice      

Participants can choose to take some time for rest and relaxation, socializing with others, or they can take part in the Fundraising, Creativity & Innovation activity that can put them closer to achieving a challenge goal.

Evening – Group Social Fun

Chosen by the Green Stars Leadership Lead, there are many types of activities for community members to participate in. Some examples in the past have included time spent collectively at local clubs/pubs, theatres, social clubs, or comedy clubs.

Various sponsorship arrangements can be made by you with the chosen location, usually guaranteed with a pre-established contract. For example, a business might provide complimentary snacks to verified attendees of the Green Star Day event. In cases where sponsorship cannot be obtained, Green Starts will provide 1.5 rounds at the location of choice.

Are you ready to start setting up a community event? We want it to all go smoothly for you so we’ve got some things to help you out. Trash2Cash can help you choose a location where a group of 15 to 25 people can work effectively. We can provide you with a list of deliverables that your team would be expected to accomplish from start to finish. We can even give you a simple contract to use when booking your breakfast location and your evening entertainment.

Now’s the time to get started. Simply fill out this form and select submit.