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Leveraging our community Green Stars, we are planning great events to get communities that are most affected by accumulating trash and the associated effects of climate change. We will also use these events to recruit and cultivate future Green Star leaders. To start, Green Stars is setting up community events in the Nepal and India regions. There has been success with the following model that we plan to duplicate in other regions. Typical timing should be once every 2 months on a relevant day off in any one community. Events can center around Resource Collection, Community Clean-ups, Tree Planting, Fundraising, Creativity & Innovation Challenge, & Experts Challenge of the EcoChampion Challenge

Green Stars Day Event

For the purposes of the Green Stars Experience Day, below is an outline how a resource collection/community clean up day will work. Six weeks prior to the event, the community Leader will reach out to local businesses that will benefit from the clean up and resource collection and ask them to support the event by providing prizes for the community members.

There will be prizes!

Awards (badges and certificates), nights out, entertainment, food, accommodation, travel to redeem in major tourist centers around the world.

Typical flow of the Green Stars Day event includes:

7:00AM – 10:00AM

Collected clean and dry resources (the entrance fee to participate in the Green Stars Experience Day) to be brought to the event/collection station. Find resources suitable for the 6 tonne house. Visit local businesses, schools, colleges, government. Separated in to three categories clear plastics, shiny plastic aluminium or aluminum laminates (PALs) and cigarette filters. In containers or bags for plastics and PALs, and bottles or containers for cigarette filters.

  • They will weigh-in and get a QR code which then is uploaded to facebook with #GreenStarsIndia, @GreenStarsIndia, #GreenStarsEcoChampion, @GreenStarsEcoChampion and/or #GreenStarsNepal and @GreenStarsNepal.

9:00AM Breakfast

Provided by a local restaurant in the immediate community. Many companies have their own social responsibility goals, so these establishments may also be a great way to recruit additional members. Breakfast will also include a presentation on trash2cash chat.

  • Community members will be encouraged to take pictures and post to social media using the #GreenStarsIndia and @GreenstarsIndia, #GreenStarsEcoChampion and @GreenStarsEcoChampion and/or #GreenStarsNepal and @GreenstarsNepal. (This compulsory to claim prizes and awards as part of the eco-champion challenge so they can be verified by judges)

  • Each community member that participates will have their resource collection weighed and prizes will be provided for:

    • Highest weight total
    • Most diverse resource collection (subjective and judged by community manager and verified by central judges)
    • Highest amount by volume.
    • Green Stars Stand Out Resource Collector (subjective and judged by community manager and verified by central judges.)

Rest and recuperations or can choose to do Fundraising, Creativity & Innovation, Social Media Challenges and/or plantations to get ahead in the EcoChampion challenge.


The time for this can vary based on the activity that the group chooses in advance. Activities in the past have included: social club, theatre, cinema, comedy club, or local club/pub. Green Stars (unless this is from cash sponsorships this can also be sponsored from different establishments) will provide first 1.5 rounds at the chosen location. In contract with chosen establishment, usually they will provide complimentary snacks of their choice. Verified attendees to the day event will be granted access.

We can provide a guide and list of deliverables to cover off on including, choosing a geographic area that is workable for a group of 15 – 25 and a simple contract for both the breakfast/coffee provider and the evening entertainment. This will ensure your event is simple to put together and will be a success for everyone involved.

If you are interested in setting up one of these community events near you.
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