Are you a developer, engineer, student, or anyone with a good idea about how we can capture resources such as carbon dioxide or manufacturing waste by products and turn them into sustainable, useable resources that can benefit the earth and curb climate change.  Record breaking temperatures will again hit the areas of China, India and Australia this summer and we know there are good ideas out there.

What kind of ideas are we looking for.

Here is an example:

Have an idea of how to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen?  What if that process was contained in a unit that is an air conditioner that runs without electricity.  This would be an amazing solution for rural India and Nepal and that kind of idea is exactly what we are looking for.  Or, maybe you live in an area that has a lot of coal mines.  Coal dust gets into streams and makes them toxic.  Maybe you have an idea for how to turn coal dust resources into a sustainable product.  We want to help you turn that into a MVP (minimum viable product) or prototype. We know good ideas can come from anywhere, which is why we want to hear from you.

We want to empower you and your ideas as part of the Green Stars Innovation Lab. We are especially interested in talking to you if you are currently in India or Nepal as we already have Green Stars activities active in these regions.  We are offering business stewardship, prizes and other support to make your idea come to life.  If you are interested in proposing an idea for consideration, please fill out this form: