Green Stars has a great way for you to earn money in your community in India and Nepal. That’s right, you can earn money while ridding your community of discarded plastic resources that continue to gather in the streams and rivers and other areas of your community. How does it work?  There is a Magic Truck headed your way in the future and it can do amazing transformations right in front of your eyes.  The Magic Truck takes discarded resources, that others may see as “trash” and right before your eyes, transforms them into a valuable resource that you can sell.


The Magic Truck can take discarded cigarette filters and turn them into sustainable fire retardant pillows that you and your family can make available in your community.

The Magic Truck can take plastic resources that have been tossed out in non-recycling locations within your community and turn them into bricks that are even more sturdy than traditional bricks and are also earthquake resistant. These bricks can be turned into building materials to build structures to better your community.

While you gather clean, dry plastic resources they will be transformed into plastics’ original form.  Fuel oil.  This Fuel Oil could be used to power diesel generators within your community.

The Magic Truck is planning to have a fleet of trucks that can visit your community as often as needed.  If you are interested in having a Magic Truck show up in your community, you should plan on having at least:

  • 36,000 16oz plastic bottles that can be upcycled
  • 350 lbs of cigarette filters
  • 1 ton of other clean dry plastics.

If you are interested in having the Magic Truck come to your community, get in touch with us. This will truly be a magical experience, and we are looking forward to showing you and your community how collecting these plastic resources can really make your community more beautiful and put some added money in your pocket.