As plastics continue to pollute our oceans, waterways and land, new and innovative solutions need to be made.  At Green Stars we have a proposal for any person living in India and Nepal this Spring.  Collect 18 tons of clean dry plastics and we’ll convert them in to a building.  That’s right, the building can be used as a foundation for a house, community center or anything you and the community you live in decide to use it for.

That 18 tons of clean dry plastics will become the bricks that will build that building.  These bricks are sturdy and more earthquake resistant than their traditional brick counterparts. Here’s how we suggest that you get started in your own community:

  1. Gather friends, family and other people in your community that want to clean up the plastic resources in your community.
  2. Find or establish a recycling center in your community.
  3. There are 36,000 16 oz bottles in a ton. Plan to gather 18 friends and gather at least the equivalent of 100 bottles per day and you will reach that goal in one year.  Double the amount you gather and you’ll make the deadline in 6 months.

This is an amazing way to clean up your community and upcycle some of the more than 8.3 billion metric tons of waste plastic that has been generated since 1950.  It is also a great way to give back to your community.  The building you create could become a community center, day care, fire station or other official community building.

If you are interested in commencing a community project that recycles plastic resources, get in touch.