What are Five Things you can do today to combat plastic pollution in your community? We’re so glad you asked.

You know that the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe is affected by pollution. The very land you live on has no true borders, meaning what gets dumped in one ecosystem anyplace in the world certainly does have an effect on the very environment that you call home. That’s not okay.

If you’re like us, you want this to change. You want to do your part to save the planet. There’s no better organization to partner with to make this change than us at Green Stars. And there’s no better time to take action than now.

At Green Stars, we’re doing our part by recruiting Community Leaders. As a community leader, you’ll use your social influence to recruit friends and family who care about the environment as much as you. Along with your crew, you can work to improve your community by ridding it of plastic waste, plant some trees, and much more. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn some money and have fun while helping the planet. Or maybe you’d prefer to go it alone. Either way, we’re happy to have you participate.

In either case, you’ll be working with your community and the Green Stars Network. We’re working hard to develop a global group of people just like you that are committed to cleaning up the environment. We are also recruiting celebrities who have dedicated themselves to making changes towards a cleaner earth and cleaning up pollution.

Here’s another bonus of teaming with Green Stars. Aside from helping the planet, you can receive prizes and awards. Regardless of your participation, individual or team-based, you have the chance to work towards becoming a Green Stars EcoChampion and have your name listed on our site’s Green Stars Leaderboard for all to see.

Additionally, we choose one person from the leaderboard each year to serve as a Green Stars Ambassador. This ambassador gets to travel throughout the world for a one-year term and earns a salary of $180K. Not chosen as an ambassador? There’s still another chance at something pretty sweet. Each year, we choose several leaders to take part in our annual expenses-paid trips to popular destinations.

So how can you get involved and get on that leaderboard? With the following five tasks, it’s really easy…

Become a Social Media Influencer. Take advantage of your group of friends, schoolmates, family or anybody else you know and promote your activity with the Trash2Cash program across as many social media platforms as you like. Be sure to use these hashtags: #GreenStarsIndia, #GreenStarsEcoChampion, and #GreenStarsNepal. Share at least 10 posts showing your participation in Green Stars activities and you’ll receive an exclusive Green Stars Award for Social Media.

Start a Community Cleanup. Organize a neighborhood and community cleanup event for an upcoming weekend. Plan on spending at least 3 hours working with your group to clean the area and make a solid impact. Take before and after time-stamped images then share them on social media. Don’t forget to tag them!

Establish a Resource Collection Center. Work with companies or local government agencies to create a place for others to deposit materials collected. Develop a description of the facility, its capacity, and agree on a length of time in months or years that it will be operational. Send Green Stars this information.  Can’t establish one? That’s okay. Instead, find one that is already in place and work to get the same details to be provided to Green Stars. And, in either case, get the word out on its location and capabilities via social media to earn points.

Become a Resource Gatherer. Either you or your group can work to identify locations that need to be cleaned up of excess plastic waste. Work to clean up at least 2500 lbs., take before and after time-stamped photos, and then share these on social media. Since this is a big project with tons of impact, you will get lots of points towards your Green Star Awards.

Create a Tree Planting Event. Planting trees is super important and benefits everyone, but be sure to check with your local NGO or the Minister of Forestry to get their backing. They can tell you what types of trees are allowed in your community. To get your points for this activity, you’ll need to take time-stamped before and after shots and share them on social media.

We look forward to having you on board.