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Partnership Opportunities



a) Offgas capture from production
b) Water capture from Colouring industry
c) Waste capture from cigarette filter companies

Something that is wrong and can be improved in the world around you

Innovation Lab to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We need engineers, developers and anyone with a creative mind to help us out. The challenge facing us all is that there is too much carbon in our atmosphere and it is warming the planet. We need solutions that capture carbon and turns that carbon into oxygen or some other usable resource. This can take any form. As India, China, Australia and other parts of the world continue to have record breaking warm weather temperatures, we need solutions that benefit our planet, not destroy it. We are offering prizes and business stewardship to any team or individual interested in helping us build a revolutionary product.

Minimum Corporate Partnership Investment Required
If you are interested in working with us, get in touch.

Sponsor The Magic Truck

The Trash2Cash Magic Truck could be on it’s way to your community. Many communities still burn or toss resources that could be recycled into valuable products like fuel oil, fire resistant pillows, earthquake-resistant bricks and more. What many don’t know is that your plastic water bottle started out as fuel oil. By upcycling these resources into new products creative & innovative products we can provide communities an income stream while improving the environment and curbing climate change. All of this can be accomplished through a visit from the Magic Truck. At Green Stars, we plan on having a fleet of these Magic Trucks all over India and Nepal. If your company is interested in becoming a Green Stars partner with the Magic Truck, get in touch.

Minimum Corporate Partnership Investment Required

Upcycle Center

The Upcycle Center(s) will be in India and Nepal. Through our collaborations with other green stars celebrities that are like-minded and have an interest in social environmental solutions to combat overall pollutants that are contributing to increased climate change. These pollutants include burnt and thrown plastics, air pollution filtrates, polluted water and more. We turn these resources into marketable and saleable items such as construction bricks, created diamonds, clean hot water water and clean air that provide a sustainable real world solution whether we are working with individuals, corporations or NGOs.

Minimum Corporate Partnership Investment Required

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