Empowering People to Alleviate Poverty by Converting Plastics in to Cash Resource.


The Global Plastic Crisis

“There is over 5 Trillion Pieces of Plastic in the Seas”

Plastic Pollution In Our Worlds Oceans 2014 Eriksen, LeBreton

9,650,000,000 kgs

of plastic waste enter our oceans each year

730,000,000 kgs

of HDPE Plastic was produced in 2015

4.5 trillion

cigarettes are discarded each year worldwide

When the current situation is left unchanged, the pollution of mixed waste, to the land from where we get our food, to the water, rivers, seas, ecosystems where we get our water and the sky where we get our air to breathe. Affects us all. It’s unsustainable and threatens all life on our planet.

When we share our program, people are excited, enthused and eager to collect resources. This immediately stops all the pollution to the environment and contains any further damage for lifetimes and generations to come! ! It’s not just 1 kg that they collect, but depending on if it’s a home or a business it’s 10’s, 100’s and even 1000’s of kgs it’s ALL of it!

Our Program Objectives

7.8 Billion people – One person, One Family, One Community at a Time Starting From The Top of The World

From Source to Sea – Starting from high in the Himalayas down to the Sea we want to cover every village and trek in Nepal, Every village along the Ganges and use the examples from these areas as well as from the Green Stars Global Cooperative to spread the Trash2Cash message across the entire globe, provide a means to alleviate poverty and push back the point of no return indefinitely. It’s a lot, but it’s the most rapid and direct program we have at only a 2-5 minute intervention per household or business.

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Featured Story
From Worried Father to Community Hero

Meet Deepak, 40. Deepak lives in Chhommrong, on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek (ABC Trek) in the Himalayas in the West of Nepal. Chommrrong like most of the ABC Trek is a very touristy spot, where many trekkers come every day, leaving a mountain of trash behind them.

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Most notably is the plastic trash that locals have to burn to get rid of as there is no garbage collection. Deepak was worried about the effect the plastic pollution was having on the mountain and the environment. The vegetation on the mountain has already decreased in the last 15 years and with the more trekkers coming each year, the plastic situation was getting worse.

When the Magic of Trash2Cash Program came to his village, Deepak learned easy ways to transform plastic resources into useful and valuable products. Pulling together with villagers, they stopped any more throwing, dumping and burning of plastic waste and starting collecting their clean and dry plastics as resources to buy a machine and upcycle in to plastic earthquake resistant bricks.

Deepak says: ‘Thanks to the Magic of Trash2Cash, I have learned that I could do something for the environment and protect our mountain for generations to come. We will continue to do this program and spread the message to other villagers and trekkers so they can spread the word too and benefit communities everywhere.”

Featured Story
From Rejected Beggar To Respected Member

Meet Tara, 15. Tara lives in the Rishikesh in India. Tara lives in a very touristy spot, where many pilgrims come every day, leaving copious amounts of trash in the Ganges River.

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Tara was forced to work as a beggar by hassling pilgrims to buy flowers or else she wouldn’t be able to afford to go to school. Disrespected and rejected 100’s of times a day Tara would push on trying to get money donations to take home.

When the Magic of Trash2Cash Program came to her village, Tara learned easy ways to make money right away from collecting these clean and dry resources. Pulling together with other flower children, they went to different businesses, restaurants and shops and collected all of their clean and dry plastics and stored them safely in plastic bottles.

Tara says: ‘This program is really good, I can make money from what people throw away and it’s good for the environment too. My home.”

Today the local business owners and shop workers smile with respect for the activities Tara and the other flower children are doing for their town.


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So far we have gone to hundreds of communities and spoken to thousands of people who are collecting their resources.
Our goal is to spread this program to 1 million people.

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