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Earn Cash by Recycling Plastic and Other Resources.


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Green Stars Eco Championship Challenge: Be the Hero

Pollution to the Planet is destroying the land on which we grow food, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Since the Environment has no borders, this impacts ecosystems and communities all around the world. If we want to save our planet and all life on it, then the time to take action is now the place to do it is here with Trash2Cash.

Green Stars is seeking Community leaders for the EcoChampion Trash2Cash program that will recruit like-minded friends, family and co-community members to take charge of ridding their community of plastic waste, grow trees, make money and improve the environment while having a lot of fun doing it.


How to Get Involved

Whether you are participating as an Individual or as a Team, you will have the opportunity to ascend among your peers as a Green Stars Champion. As you ascend, you will be eligible to receive prizes and awards.

If you are an individual seeking to form a team, try recruiting people through the Green Stars Network that includes celebrities that have committed to environmental causes. We aim to create a network of individuals interested in fighting against climate change with solutions that can positively impact them as well as their environment.

As an Individual, earn awards and prizes for doing any combination of Green Stars Activities. Once we have verified you have completed at least 10X activities, you can exchange team or individual awards and points for real prizes that include anything from local FREE merchandise or meals, to expense paid Trips.

5 Things you can do Right Now
1. Become an Influencer

Become a Social Media Influencer, by Promoting the Trash2Cash Program.

Reward: Exclusive Green Stars Virtual Award for Social Media.

  • Use hashtags: #GreenStarsIndia, #GreenStarsEcoChampion, #GreenStarsNepal and share at least 10 posts of you doing Green Stars Activities.

2. Gather Resources

Gather clean dry resources that include plastics. Clean up your community and clean up on Green Stars Awards. Guide is to clean up at least 2500 lbs.

  • Take before and after Time Stamped pictures. Share them on social media.

3. Green Stars Events

Participate in a Green Stars event that highlights community clean up. Gather your neighbours and friends to spend 1 hour on a Saturday cleaning up your community.

  • Take before and after Time Stamped pictures. Share them on social media.

4. Green The Planet

Tell us what you are doing in your community to make our world sustainable. Are you planting trees? Are you doing permaculture farming. Perhaps helping at a wildlife sanctuary? Upload your videos and share with us. We can’t wait to see!

  • Take before and after time stamped videos. Share them. 

5. Collection Center

Establish or find a Resource Collection Center in your community. This can be a company or government resource.

  • Send Green Stars a description of this Resource Collection Center, their capacity and length of agreement in months or years.

Additional Ways to Get Involved...


University students

Spread the message

Coaching and remote points

Shopping in the app

Buy upcycled green products

We will explain how you can get involved and how to recruit community members to help you.

Become an Ambassador

From the leaderboard each year, we will choose one Ambassador to travel as a Green Stars Ambassador throughout the world while earning a very interesting salary. Each Ambassadorship will be for one year. We will also choose Leaders to embark with us on our yearly expense paid trips to popular destinations in the region.

Fill out the form and get involved…

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