The Technology To Stop The Plastic Crisis Is Available Now

All plastic resources being thrown away, dumped or burned can now be turned into valuable commodities. These resources can be turned into essential products for the community as well as cash, helping stop the cycle of poverty and empower communities. Stop throwing and start saving your clean plastic resources now!

We educate locals on how to convert their plastic resources into useful, valuable and needed products.

We Are stopping the pollution from the burning, throwing and dumping of waste for generations to come.

Plastics Into Earthquake Resistant Bricks

By using a combination of specialized equipment such as agglomerator granulators and waste plastic extruders, we are turning trash into useful resources. We take plastic bags, plastic packaging and other once useless plastics which are being burnt and thrown away into earthquake resistant bricks.

Cigarette Filters: Waste To Wonder

Cellulose Acetate (cigarette filters) are a precious commodity and can now be cleaned and converted in to some truly remarkable products which have great use and incredible value with fire-resistant properties.

Recycling The ‘Impossible’ Is Now Possible

Aluminium laminate plastics can now be captured and converted to their plastic and metal counterparts. The aluminium metal can be easily recycled in to other parts and the plastic to other products.

We already have some excellent options available now, and once we convert the plastics back to their oil counterpart, the options we have are practically endless!

When the current situation is left unchanged, the pollution of mixed waste, to the land from where we get our food, to the water, rivers, seas, ecosystems where we get our water and the sky where we get our air to breathe. This affects us all. It’s unsustainable and threatens all life on our planet.

When we share our program, people are excited, enthused and eager to collect resources. This immediately stops all the pollution to the environment and contains any further damage for lifetimes and generations to come! ! It’s not just 1 kg that they collect, but depending on if it’s a home or a business it’s 10’s, 100’s and even 1000’s of kgs it’s ALL of it!

Plastics are made from fuel oil

The technology to feasibly convert these plastics to fuel oil is available now. Fuel oil isn’t nearly as valuable as some of the things we can make from this oil. Identifying these products and upcycling as opposed to recycling is key in our program. There is no such thing as waste! Waste is an illusion created because of lack of understanding it for the resource it actually is. This stands true not just for plastic waste but anything at all we think is waste.

The point of no return is upon us!

The critical need for this program is apparent by the plastic waste crisis we are currently facing, with the point of no return being upon us. Many people join this cause for different reasons: caring about the future of the planet for animals and wildlife, some for their children or business. The majority of the 7+ billion people in poverty though, aren’t concerned about the crisis because they can only focus on surviving. This rapid, direct and positive program empowers those in poverty to start earning cash to meet basic needs as well as saving the environment at the same time. This program is designed to rapidly scale and is the only program of its’ kind. Already proven as an effective tool in changing the cycle of poverty, this program will protect the environment and make our world better.

Join the Movement.
Start collecting your resources.
Help Us Spread the Word.


How It Works

Our Program has 3 Parts
1. Start Collecting Your Plastic Resources

At home, at school, at your place of work. Make sure they are Clean and Dry and Save them to either 1- Send them to us or 2- Save them to buy your own technology for your community

2. Identify Opportunities For Your Community

Identify which products are best fit to benefit your community either to be used directly and save money or sold on the market to make money – Save your resources to convert in to these products

3. Acquire Technologies

Join the collective, reach the targets of plastic resources you need to collect for the technology needed and trade in your resources for the technologies to start making cash

This is how we will stop anymore pollution to the planet from plastic waste!

Help us spread the word and stop the pollution to the environment from plastic and domestic waste for generations!


Accelerating the Program Around the World in 80 Days

We Present: “The Magic Truck”

Our plan is to reach every community in the world. With the Green Stars Magic Truck, we have a mobile upcycling/recycling education and maker station on wheels. This enables us to reach a larger audience in a quick and effective manner, responding to the climate crisis and pushing back the point of no return.

Around the World

We are pushing back the Point of No Return

We Present: “The Magic Truck”

Our ultimate goal is to spread this program rapidly across developing nations where there are billions of people who need this program and will stop the burning, throwing and dumping of waste immediately. We see 33 trucks needed for India, and many more for other countries in the world. Do you want to do this program in your country or area? Would a Green Stars Magic Truck help spread the word rapidly around village to village? Then Register Now to be part of the Green Star Community and we’ll work together to create this Magic in your part of the world.

Join the Green Stars Cooperative

We plan to take our very first truck along the Ganges to the same villages we are already collaborating with and are collecting resources

Educate to Empower

We also want to build an education platform so locals can learn how to convert plastic resources in to a cash resource. For this we need workstations and or mobile phones/iPads with a cool, fun and engaging education and training system for the locals to access everything they need to convert different ‘waste’ streams or wasted resources and convert them in to something valuable, useful and needed. This program expands beyond just plastics, but covers all sorts of resources such as paper, glass, waste water, air, other technological resources and resources of the future.


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